Monday, February 9, 2009

Lesson on Hearts

Last week we took a break from letters and did some Valentine activities. Here is some of the things we did.

We decorated cardboard hearts with scraps of pink, red and white paper. Then we hooked on pipe cleaners so we could hang them up and decorated them with glitter glue.

We also made big red hearts from construction paper and colored them with chalk. (sorry no picture)

For lunch we had heart pancakes.
Then yesterday we shaved up a bunch of pink, red and white crayons with a pencil sharpener. We emptied them into a bowl and then Brodie and Tony each got to spread the shaving onto wax paper. I ironed them and we cut them into hearts. Then we hole punched them and tied them with ribbon. You can see it hanging in the window below.

This week we are back to letters. "K" is the letter of the week.

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