Friday, February 20, 2009

Ladybug Lapbook and Craft

I finished the Ladybug lapbook I have been putting together for Brodie. He really loves it as he does all the lapbooks I've made. Drew is slowly starting to get into them and is being a little less rough with them.I made up some of my own activities with this book. Brodie really likes it when the books have cards he can take out and lay on the table. It doesn't matter what they are numbers, colors, puzzles he doesn't care. So, I made this book with counting ladybug cards. I just printed the bugs off onto cardstock, colored them, cut them and glued them onto another piece of cardstock. I made 10 cards with ladybugs on them and 10 number cards to match. I found some other ideas here at Lapbook Lessons. They have all sorts of lapbooks and you can sign up for free. Here is another good site I got some stuff off of.
Here are some of the books we read. This is the craft we did today also.

*Paper plates
*Red paint
*Black construction paper
*Black pipe cleaners
*Lg. hole punch makes it easier to punch large circles or just do it by hand
*Glue and scissors
*Googly eyes

Paint the back of the paper plate with red paint. Allow to dry. Punch circles out of black paper. Cut a large black circle for the head and glue onto plate. Glue the googly eyes on the head. Glue circles onto body. Stick black pipe cleaners into the side of the plate for legs.
To see what other people did that was crafty this week check out Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.


Heather said...

I like the fact that you used a red folder to make this lapbook. Meara really likes ladybugs. Like your son she enjoys cards she can take out and spread out. We will definately have to make this one of the next ones we make! Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a sweet comment! ;-)

Katie said...

Oh wow, I just left a comment asking to see the lady bug lapbook and here it is! I also love the red folder.

jennwa said...

I love the idea of lapbooks, I realy need to start doing them for my kids. My youngest would love the ladybug folder for sure.

Your ladybug craft is adorable.

Thanks for linking, have a great weekend.

autumn said...

WOW!! Your school time looks like so much fun!! My younger girls would love this! I find it's so hard to squeeze in preschool during the day. I think I just need to make a schedule and stick to it!
You're doing a wonderful job!!

~Sara said...

Thank you everyone!

Brodie (who is 3) really enjoys these lapbooks. They are smaller size, only 1/2 of a file folder. It seems to be easier for him and he doesn't get overwhelmed. As he gets older I will pass these smaller lapbooks to his brother who is 2 and build up to making him the full folder lapbook.

I have alot of fun making them. Thanks for the nice comments, you've made my day!

BranFlakes said...

I'm sold! Now I have to make some of these cute lapbooks, I know my kiddos will love them.

sandy said...

My girls would love this! Thanks for sharing:0)

het lieveheersbeestje said...

This is such a lovely idea! (By the way my blog is called Lieveheersbeestje and that means little ladybug) I think that I will make such a book too, although I have to change it a bit to the dutch language. Thank you for the inspiration!!

shopannies said...

looks like a great ladybug lesson one of our favorite ladybug ideas that we do is sing the ladybug fly away song

juliecache said...

"Hey you, wanna fight?"