Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Wednesday

We started Family Night off earlier than usual and headed to the pumpkin patch. Tony has been wanting to go all Fall and we weren't in any rush because I already had our pumpkins. The kids had fun with the beanbag toss and of course all the animals. The corn bin was a good time, but I think what topped it all was a mound of hay they had set up for kids to play on. All four boys spent most of their time there climbing, walking and wrestling on it.

Of course when it came time to leave they wanted to know why we weren't picking pumpkins and I had to remind them that my garden produced 8 pumpkins that we had at home. Lesson learned. I will never plant pumpkins again!!! Tony was devastated that we weren't picking pumpkins to carve. "But mom, it is the best part about coming to the pumpkin patch." I unfortunately took that tradition away from him this year. We settled for letting each of the kids pick a tiny pumpkin to bring home. But one thing is for sure, there will be no pumpkins in the garden next year! At least not big ones, maybe minis...

From the pumpkin patch we went home and had dinner. After dinner it was pumpkin carving time. All the boys did really good making faces for their pumpkins. Jake and Tony did the whole project by themselves while Will and I helped the younger boys. Tony did the honor of lighting the pumpkins outside and then we came in and had our Rice Crispie pumpkins for dessert!

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