Friday, October 10, 2008

Drew has his first ear infection since his tubes were placed in May. Could possibly explain the behavior I have seen this week. Both he and Brodie have been completely emotional and crabby. Which leaves me behaving the same way.

Brodie has an appointment to go to the Dr. this afternoon because he has been complaining on and off of ear pain. He has been battling a cold for about 2 weeks. So we will see if he has infection too. Thankfully I can just start Drew on his ear drops and his will heal on its own, so they tell me. Then maybe if everyone gets to feeling better we can all get along better.


Anonymous said...

Sara, have you tried taking them to a chiropractor? My daughter had her very first ear infection at 7 months old. I took her to the pediatrician who wanted to prescribe antibiotics. I was reluctant. A friend of mine told me to take her to a chiropracter. So, I did. She did some adjustments on her spine and neck, and told me that antibiotics, in fact, only cause more harm, because they are teaching the body that it cannot heal itself, but rather has to rely on outside sources to heal. Antibiotics, she said, weaken the immune system, and can cause more frequent ear infections/sickenesses. By letting the ear infection heal on its own, this was building my daughter's immune system and making it stronger. She gave me an olive oil/garlic drops for her ears (garlic = natural immune booster), and also Vitamin A drops for me to take, so that she would get it through my breastmilk. (Vitamin A also natural immune booster). The ear infection cleared right up in about 3 days and so did her congestion (she had a bad cold). I am so thankful I found this chiropractor, because M.D. doctors are really only good at prescribing medications/antibiotics which in turn causes the road to more illnesses, even causing children to have to get tubes in their ears. It's a very interesting subject. Hope you will look into it more, and maybe take them to a chiropractor in your area if you are up for it? :)

Valerie said...

BRILLIANT article on Ear Infections

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT article on Ear Infections by M.D. doctor turned Homeopath natural doctor
Richard Moskowitz.

I know this is LONG but VERY VERY IMPORTANT article....

Childhood Ear Infections
by Richard Moskowitz, M.D. & homeopath

"With significant ear involvement, it is helpful to assure the parents that antibiotic treatment is no more effective than placebo, [notes 8, 9, 10]
and that it produces more frequent relapses than giving symptomatic
treatment or simply allowing the children to recover on their own. [note
11] At that point it makes sense to offer homeopathic remedies, both as
needed for the acute episodes, and preventively, to minimize their number
and severity."

"Based on Koch's postulates and their immense predictive power, the war on
bacteria is nevertheless unwinnable even in thought"

"The epidemic of chronic ear disease must be attributed to two colossal
public health blunders: the war on the nasopharyngeal bacteria, fought with
antibiotics, tubes, and the cultivation of fear; and the vaccination of
entire populations against a growing list of diseases with no end in sight,
and no strategy or inclination to consider the long-term consequences.""

"It is just this congruence between the vaccine-related responses and the
original illness that suggests how vaccines act nonspecifically on the
immune system as a whole, and so implicates vaccination in the basic riddle
of chronicity itself. As new biotechnology companies produce new
genetically-engineered vaccines as fast as possible, the unrestricted war
against identifiable acute diseases has already added to the pre-existing
chronic disease burden a considerable array of DNA and RNA fragments
looking for chromosomes to recombine with and certain to engender new
diseases of which as yet we know nothing. In short, I am afraid that
doctors, like politicians, are here to stay."

Adapted from a lecture presented at the 150th Anniversary of the foundation
of the American Institute of Homeopathy, St. Moritz Hotel, New York, April
9, 1994, and published in the Journal of the American Institute of
Homeopathy 87:137, Autumn 1994.

SEE webpage for more

(By the way, you cannot use the remedies he mentions routinely for your child - each remedy has to be individualized to your child's
individaul, unique symptoms - it could be one of many of
remedies that he/she needs.)

Diane said...

I've heard great things about putting breastmilk in the ears.

I would also look into a good family Chiropractor as anonymous said. It can really help ears to drain to have adjustments.

For my kids when they got a bad earach the only thing that really helped was an onion. Cut up an onion and put it in a nylon knee hi and squeeze out the juice. Make sure onion is room tempature.
Never put anything cold in the ear. The onion coats the ear and kills bacteria naturally and protects the ear.

Another thing that is helpful is warm garlic oil. It's soothing to the ear. You can also get some Garlic soft gel capsules. Poke a hole and squeeze the garlic into your child's mouth. I hope they feel better soon.

Oh I would also not let water get into his ear when bathing. When my ears are acting up and I get water into them it's aweful and has turned into a massive earach.

Go for the breastmilk first (don't know if you are still lactating or not..). It's natures miracle with immunities. I hope they are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people have already commented, but I just wanted to add what I know also. You can take what you want from it.

My first son had his 1st ear infection after he was vaxed with the MMR and suffered for years with ear infections, he had antibiotics, but they dont work for ear infections and just increase the risk of having recurrant ear infections.

My son recently got the start of an infection and I heated up some
crushed garlic in organic extra virgin olive oil (heated not fried)
and they strained it though a muslin cloth and dropped warm olive oil
in his ear. Not hot, just warm. Then i put the cotton wool i used
to squeeze it in with in his ear for the night. Next morning, no

Also a warm hot water bottle next to the ear sooths.

My 5 month old DS2 has just got his first cold.

Hope your dear sons get better soon!

You are so right that when they're crabby, we're crabby too! hehe!

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