Thursday, October 9, 2008

My morning started at 4:40am this morning. Better than yesterday I guess. Number 3 (Brodie) came and snuggled into bed with us. I love it except that he doesn't fall back to sleep. He just tosses and turns. We have a queen bed but even that isn't big enough when he is moving all over! He was up for the day. Amazing since he really didn't sleep much yesterday. I was expecting him to sleep in today. Maybe I can hope for a nap.

Thankfully now at 6:11 Drew is still sleeping. I have had my shower so I am ready for the day. They are suppose to start digging today to put in a new sewer line. That should be fun for the kids to watch the equipment. The big excavators have been sitting the the neighbors yard now since Monday.

On a side note Brodie has woke up with a dry diaper the last 3 days and used the potty. He isn't so great during the day but there is actually an interest which I find reassuring. I won't get too excited yet!

Jake is back in football! His shoulder is feeling pretty good. I will keep everyone posted as to when his next game is.

For now I leave you with a picture of one of the trees in my yard. We were going to cut it down since it has so many branches dying. I am glad we didn't have the money to do so cause it is beautiful right now. I just love when the leaves change.
On a side note, I forgot to mention that I ran out of fresh fruit for dinner last night so I opened my first jar of canned peaches. They were awesome! Thank you to my sister, Julia for helping with all that we did good!

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juliecache said...

Aunt Mary came home today. She hopes the wheelbarrow is good for you.