Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sleep? What's that?

I have no idea what is wrong with my 2 younger children. Well, 3 younger child really but thankfully I don't have to rock Tony to sleep.

For almost 2 weeks now Mr. Drew has been climbing out of his bed and throwing a fit for both his nap and night bed time. He ends up sleeping in front of the door, making it impossible to go in and check on them before I go to bed at night. He really has been fighting his afternoon nap. Either he doesn't take one, or he eventually falls asleep for a short while on the floor of his room after screaming for while, or I have to rock him to sleep. The rocking part is difficult because Brodie has given up his nap now for the most part and he does relatively well staying in my bed being quiet, but he still gets up every now and then and messes around.

Last night Drew woke up at 1:30 crying for me. Of course I had to rock him back to sleep and when I went to put him back in bed, he woke up screaming again. Thus, waking up Brodie. I put Brodie in bed with Will and went back out to rock Drew some more. Finally I just had to put Drew to bed and of course being the sensitive sleeper he woke up crying. This time I just left him and he ended up falling asleep on the floor. In the meantime I go back to my room where Brodie is completely awake laying in bed with my out of it husband. Brodie decides he wants to sleep in the chair in the living room. I was fine with this cause I figured he would wake Drew if he went in the room.

So, I got him all settled in the recliner only to have him cry for his bear. Drats. The bear is in the bedroom with Drew. So, I tiptoe in there and if the lights were on my face would be blue from holding my breath so I don't wake him up. Get the bear, Brodie is settled, I make my bed on the couch and just when I fall asleep...Brodie is in my face saying he is hungry, then thirsty, then he wants to watch a movie. I decline all the above and he settles for snuggling with my on the couch. Only he tosses and turns for the next hour. Finally at 3:45am I give in and put in Toy Story. He watches most of it and then gets up to play cars. He never did go back to bed.

Drew woke at 5:30am and by 7am I was tired of the arguing so Brodie went to bed and slept till 10am. Now, thankfully with out much of a fight Drew is in bed and Brodie is playing tiny cars. At least for now it is quiet. I hope the no sleep phase doesn't last long cause I may not survive.


Anonymous said...

Have you read online about separation anxiety? It hits children at different ages/stages, you may want to look into that. :) Also, I don't know if you would be against co-sleeping or not, but with my kids, we co-sleep and get a wonderful night's sleep. You can do a google search on "Family Bed" and see the pros and cons for yourself. Just a suggestion, something to look into. :) Good luck and hopefully this stage will pass with time! :)

Jill said...

Did you turn Drew's crib into the toddler bed? Hang in there, you will prevail! I remember when Christian was Drew's age he was doing the same thing. Do you think Drew would do better if there was some soft music/background noise in the room? Just a thought, I don't really have good advice. Did you try the recliner by the window? It really did the trick for Nick...

~Sara said...

Ohh yes. We have our bedtime routine, we have a CD player on, sometimes the fan. I have rocked him back to sleep fine when he wakes up, it is just when I go to lay him down he starts crying. He stops as soon as I pick him up. I agree with anonymous there is certainly some seperation anxiety going on. I will look into that a little more.

Mom Bryan said...

I had the same problem with Will when he was a baby. I think it had to do with his ears -- maybe the fluid moving when the angle of his body changes? I never completely figured it out, but tried some really bizarre contortions to put him into bed without waking him up. In case it is hereditary: Will has never been a very good sleeper and he doesn't get that from me -- I am a really good sleeper. LOL