Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today was a good day. Will got the basement finished. He has been cleaning and organizing down there this weekend. It is looks great. The best part, I can park my van in there now! We still have a little rearranging left on his side of the garage but that can be taken care of after we make some room in the shed.

The kids and I spent some time outside. It was a really nice day. While the little boys napped I mowed the yard and then Tony helped me trim the fruit trees and pull the rest of the tomato plants out of the garden. I still have lots of peppers and eggplants growing, some strawberries too. This is a picture of my pumpkins. I have 3 more on the front deck that are not pictured here. Did I mention I was proud of them?! (The painted "get out" block was painted by my husband. The other side says "welcome" and being almost Halloween and all I decided to display this side since it would be rude any other time of the year.)
I made some bread dough this afternoon with the boys (all 4 of them) and they had fun taking turns kneading the dough. I gave all of them some of the dough to make their own bread for dinner. It was really fun and I couldn't believe they all got along so well. Here are the pics from that. Jake made a dagger, Tony an elephant, Brodie Lilly pads, Drew blobs, and I made a pig or a bear according to Tony.

I am hoping for a good nights rest tonight. Both little boys didn't sleep well again last night. I guess I should stop typing and go lay down. Could be another looong night. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Tomorrow is the start of another busy week for us.


Sara P. said...

The bread-making was a great activity! Did it turn out ok? Did you use frozen dough or a recipe? You guys have so much fun!!

~Sara said...

I used a bread recipe. It actually turned out really yummy!

juliecache said...

If you want to see crazy bread, go to the St. Joseph Day festival on Mar. 17 at the Italian-American Center. We'll go with you. Free lunch, too. The bread will BLOW YOUR MIND.

juliecache said...

that is the wrong date. march 15. i'm tired and dumb.