Thursday, October 23, 2008

C is for Cookie...

Despite all the gloomy weather the last few days we have managed to keep ourselves busy. Thankfully Tuesday we got outside to get some outside work done before all the rain hit. The kids enjoyed playing and wrestling in the leaves. It is a shame I don't approve of wrestling, Drew is actually really good at that sport.

We are working on the letter "C" at our house. We'll at least Brodie is. Drew really has no interest in sitting down long enough to color or read a story. Brodie is at a perfect age to start learning all the letters and so far has done a great job. I have been proud of myself for writing down little lessons we can do each day to recognize what letter we are working on and so far things are going good. Here is a project we did for the letter C...
We actually baked cookies first and then we made these little cookies out of construction paper and glued real baby M&Ms on them. The boys loved it. Brodie split the candies between his mouth and the cookie.

Drew loved the cooking part better. He was especially facinated with the flour! He had a good time playing clean up in the water afterwards too.

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