Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brodie~He was 3 years-old yesterday. Hard to imagine. Will worked from home so that we could have our typical birthday breakfast. A tradition that Will's mom started and we have continued. I have souped it up a little and always decorate the kid's chair with decorations and we hang up birthday signs. I asked Brodie what he wanted me to make for breakfast and he said "pancakes and juice" so that's what we had.

He was quite pleased with his Buzz Lightyear signs that Will made him. As for the gifts, his favorite was a Car's toy we got him. The garage sale Diego set I got him he passed to Drew and said "here Drew a gift for you". So, I am thinking he wasn't a real fan of that toy but by the end of the morning he was playing with it and having fun. He is definately 3!!

I will get some pics up later. Once again I have to figure out my camera!


Stefany said...

I hope you get Brodie's card in the mail soon. Sorry I didn't get it sent out until yesterday. But I didn't want him to think we forgot about him. I can't believe he is already 3!

~Sara said...

He got it! And we got our Anniversary card too! Thank you for being so thoughtful!

Sara P. said...

Looks like you made Brodie feel very special, Sara!!