Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tot Book

Here is one of four "tot books" I have put together for Brodie. I found this wonderful blog that had these "tot books" listed that you could print off the template and put together. I am not sure who loves it more, Brodie or me. I am putting finishing touches on the other 3 books. I am not going to give them all to him right now. I will however put some pictures up of them when they are complete. They are so cool! If you are interested in these you can go here to find them and make them yourself!


Sara P. said...

How neat! I may need to make some of these for Nate! Brodie looks so precious looking at his Cars book.

juliecache said...

You may really like lapbooks, which is what this is. offers a weekly freebie, as does some notebooking place (another word for lapbook). Ella has a nice book about honeybees that she made this year.

~Maria said...

Cool book, Sara! I may have to try one of those for Lilly too.