Thursday, August 6, 2009

Canning Season

~For those of you who don't read my other blog, this was posted over there as well, I just thought you all might be interested too!

I have had a busy couple days. I spent part of Saturday and Sunday canning peaches that I got on sale at the store. (.78 lb) I bought about 40lbs and canned 16 quarts. My kiddos love peaches! I have 2 peach trees but neither of them produced this year. Last year my sister and I canned over 60 quarts! That lasted us all Winter. Here is what my trees looked like last year.

I follow the directions for canning peaches out of my Blue Ball canning book, but I also found this great website with wonderful photos if you are interested. Peaches are on sale at most stores this week. I know Fareway has them for $.88 lb and last I checked Wal-Mart had them for $.78 lb.

We also got 4 jars of salsa canned. We are in desperate need to can more, as we have an abundance of hot peppers and tomatoes now!

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