Friday, August 21, 2009

Henry Doorly Zoo

Will and I took the kids on a little over night vacation to end off Summer break. We went to Omaha to the Henry Doorly Zoo. We had a great time. We left Thursday afternoon and stayed in a hotel. The kids played in the pool and we watched a movie and had snacks in the room.

Friday morning we got up and had breakfast and then headed off to the Zoo. We managed to make it through the entire Zoo before it closed. It took us 6 1/2 hours, and we walked the entire time! Needless to say I had some tired kiddos by the end of the day. They were all troopers though.

Here are a few pictures to share. Ok, alot of pictures. Out of 139 pictures these are some of my favorites!

Here is our hotel room. This was the first time Brodie and Drew have stayed in a hotel. When we got there Brodie thought it was "really cool" after checking out the beds he said "now let's go see the living room" I had to explain to him that there was no living room.
The boys, minus Brodie at the pool.Yes, this is nasty. These are cockroaches!Brodie's favorite...the monkey.The had a really cool Butterfly garden. This is an Owl Butterfly.These hummingbirds were also in the butterfly garden.One of my favorites, the Lemur.They had this place where you could feed the birds and you could try and get them to climb on your stick. It was actually really hard to do. Will and I couldn't catch one. But Tony did. Here is Tony's catch. This was the highlight of his day. Everyones favorite part of the day was the aquarium tunnel. It was just awesome. Sharks, stingray, turtles all sorts of fish swimming all around you. We could have spent all day in there.This picture is really bad, but I had to take it for my mother in law. It is a Puma. Her favorite animal. ;)Here is an albino aligator. Here is Drew Bug feeding the goats.A really bad photo op of the boys. They were in no mood to have their pictures taken. I really wanted one of my 4 monkeys and the Zoos 4 monkeys (I know they are gorillas, but oh well) I still took the picture anyway. This is my life. Drew talking to a crazy bird through the glass.I don't need to tell you what the next two pictures are.Ok, here are some silly shots. This is probably the best picture I have of Jake. He took lots of silly photos. He is a character. But this one we told him was going up on his graduation slide show.Here is Will and I having a serious conversation with an orangatang.Here are the boys mounted on their trusty rhino looking for trouble. And I will end with a nice family photo...awwww...gotta love the self timer!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sending those pics out so soon.We were just talking about your trip and wondering if you were home. Looks like you had an awesome time! Glad you're safe and sound back at the funny farm. Love you all, Grandma Anita and Grandpa Dave.

Jill said...

What a great idea! You guys are so much fun. Did you little boys actually like, sleep, in the hotel?

juliecache said...

looking forward to wed.

~Sara said...

They didn't sleep GOOD. It took awhile for everyone to calm down! I think Will was the first one to fall asleep if that tells you anything!