Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Watermelon

Here is a picture of the first watermelon plucked from my garden!

As you can see I was a little premature. It wasn't completely ripe yet. We still cut it up and enjoyed it though.Brodie really wanted to have his picture taken with it but it was quite a struggle holding it! It was really heavy.


Stacy said...

How exciting! Glad you enjoyed the yummy watermelon!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a face that boy has! Pure sunshine! I guess except when it's cloudy, because he does that really good too!! LOL He is a case. That's a great picture of you, too. I bought a melon at a farmer's market last week and we tried to eat it last night. I actually threw it away -- imagine! It was pale-fleshed and had NO flavor. I'm not sure if it was the type of melon because it appeared to be ripe, or what. I was so looking forward to a nice melon, too. Bummer. Mom B.

Lerwill Mommy said...

That is just WONDERFUL!!