Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here is what I picked out of the garden yesterday. I picked my first cantaloupe of the season. 4 of them! I picked another 4 tonight. They are delicious. I just love home grown cantaloupe. We go through them pretty quick. I cut up 2 of them for breakfast this morning.

We had a nice evening last night. We spent it at the park with the younger 3 kids. The boys rode their bikes and scooters around, played on the playground and in the sand and tried to catch frogs in the pond. Typical boy stuff. Will was off today so we went to the Science Center. The kids always love going there and we figured we would make one last trip there before school started back up. We took our own picnic lunch and our admission was free thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift from Grandpa Dave and Grandma Anita. All we paid was $4 for parking. Gotta love that!

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