Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Pictures

Finally, here are some pictures of our vacation! It was really hard to choose, so here are a few of my favorite ones!

Off we go! We left the house about 6:20 am. We were a little late meeting Mom and Joel in Ames at 6:30 am! Poor Drew had only been up for about 10 minutes.Our home from the lake.This is up at the bridge. Usually we catch lots of keeper sunfish up there, but this year was terrible. We didn't bring home one sunfish from there. We still went up there a few afternoons and tried out our luck though.The men cookin' dinner. Here is a picture of a deer that came into the water right near the guys boat. Jake, Joel and Will were out that morning. It came so close you could have reached out and touched it. Will was quick enough to grab the camera andget a picture of it before it swam across and walked up into the reeds.Pelicans flying over the lake.An early morning view of the lake. Jake, Will, Joel and Mom were the early morning fisherman so they got to enjoy some really pretty sunrises. (I'm not much of an early morning fisher person!)Jake sleeping in the bottom of the boat on a cold, early morning.All ready for the beach.We rented a paddle boat for an hour and Tony, Jake and I had a good time. (This is Tony and me, not Tony and Jake!)The most memorable fish of the week...
Jake and his first Northern Pike.Will and his keeper 21" Bass.Will and his 31" Northern Pike.Sara and the famous Dogfish!Will, Joel and Jake and a great morning of fishing! 5 Northern Pike.The Gang!

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Jill said...

Wow, looks awesome. Those are some big fish!!! What a great vacation.