Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Things Done

I feel like I have been on a whirl wind of productivity lately. I was down last week with a migraine and after a couple days of being quiet I usually tend to bounce back at high speed trying to catch up. Probably not such a good thing but I like getting things done. Here are just a few things we accomplished the last few days.

*We had a successful reunion/surprise birthday party for my mother on Saturday.
*Will got his new smoker put together that he got for his birthday. It is really nice!
*We bought a dehumidifier for Jacobs room in the basement and it is working great, pumping out a ton of water. I wish we would have gotten it 2 months ago.
*I weeded my entire garden Monday night.
*I scrubbed my kitchen floor. If you saw it, you would know this was major! Canning peaches and salsa, smoking 6 pork butts and pulling all the meat...not good.
*We have canned salsa twice so far and we are going to be doing another batch tonight or tomorrow.
*I bought a new to me, smaller dresser for Drew at a garage sale. I sold the changing table :( I guess he is no longer a baby! This one fits so much better in their room. They have a lot more space. I put it on Craigslist and it was paid for and gone within 24 hours!

Like I said it has been busy around here. Seems like the list never gets shorter though!


BabiesandBargains said...

amen on the list never getting shorter but it always feels nice to scratch off an item or two

Sharon said...

You go Girl! I could use some of your energy today (although I'll gladly skip the migraine - yuck!)

I was hoping to can some salsa this year (or learn how to do it) but all our tomatoes got killed by the tomato blight that is hitting the North East. Such a bummer!

Three Sisters -- fun homeschool events said...

craigs list is the goods.