Saturday, August 29, 2009

Learning about Monarchs

Friday I took Brodie to a Nature program put on by my sisters homeschool group and the Polk Country Conservation. We learned about butterfly's and moths, focusing mainly on Monarch butterflys. It was pretty interesting and Brodie did a really good job paying attention considering how long it was.

We learned alot and then got the chance to go out and catch some butterflys of our own. Nobody caught any Monarchs that day but Uncle Mark was also there and he showed the kids how it was done and caught a butterfly.Brodie wasn't much of a fan of the tall grass so we just walked around the outside of the praire trying to see if we could catch anything. Brodie actually had more fun catching tiny crickets.

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juliecache said...

your bottom picture of brodie is perfect. little kid skin is so beautiful, too.