Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Ok, so it is hot in my house and I do not like it. Where did the cool weather go? I refuse to turn the air back on. Unless my husband gets crabby about being too hot. Then it may be worth it to turn it on.

Jake got off on his trip ok. It was strange waking up this morning and not having to go down and wake him. I hope he has a good time. And I hope I made the right decision letting him go.

Wednesday morning I took Jake to the doctor because last Friday he hurt his shoulder during football. Apparently he tore the muscle that holds the shoulder blade to the chest. So...he is out 2-4 weeks. That is a huge bummer for him because that is almost his entire season. Hopefully it heals soon and he will still be able to get some playing time in. What is interesting is that he didn't even hurt it by being hit. He hurt it doing up/downs. Apparently I don't need him to get tackled to get injured. Better this way then the other.

I have an abundance of peaches. Every time the wind blows it blows them off the branches. The ground is just littered with them. My sister is coming today to swap some pears for peaches. I am hoping to start canning this weekend. My peaches are great. The word has gotten around that I have so many and I have had more visitors now then ever before! I am happy to have such a good crop and glad that I have enough for everyone else to enjoy. Now, I need to find time for myself to get something done with them before they go bad.

Brodie and I just got done painting egg carton caterpillars. He is really fascinated with caterpillars right now. I will have to post pictures of the final project later. They turned out pretty cute.

I posted a picture of my mini pumpkin patch. I am pretty proud of them! I will be planting them again next year for sure.


Michelle said...

Hello !

My name is Michelle and I'm a workng mom. I admire that you have 4 kids! I have just one little boy and I think I'm ok with him for the next 5 years!!

take care!

Michelle from Chile, South America!

Ηλίας Θαλάσσης said...

For you. I hope Health and Fate. Please leave a comment

Jill said...

Goin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches...