Friday, September 12, 2008

I just got out of the shower and when I went to open the bathroom door I couldn't. Brodie had gotten up and made a little bed in front of the door and was lying down. Usually if he wakes he comes right in the bathroom but today he waited for me to come out. I asked him if he wanted to move to my room or the living room and he said "no, I stay right here". And he is still there. He is so funny.

Jake called me last night. He seems to be having a good time. Of course I sniffled a little after talking to him. He wants to be so grown up. He had to tell me that he had just gotten out of the jacuzzi and thought he should better call me. They arrived safely and went to a mall yesterday where he bought himself a new hat. Today they were going to go Go-cart racing and go to some zoo thing. I was glad to talk to him.

The younger 3 kids and Will and I went to a parade last evening. It is our Homecoming this week so that is what it was for. Thankfully the rain held off till after the parade. It was actually pretty fun and we got alot of candy. Tony found a friend there so he hung out with him. That was good for him.

Finally, here are the pictures of the painted caterpillars Brodie did yesterday. We tried to glue some yarn legs on but it didn't work so well. I always get a kick out of him when he paints because he really doesn't like to have his hands dirty. So, he kept washing them off. Also, he kept his paints very neat and didn't mix any colors till the very end when I showed how fun it was to make different colors.

He kept telling me the whole time we were making them "they aren't centipedes their caterpillars." He says this because he is ALWAYS finding centipedes outside and playing with them and calling them caterpillars. I try and tell him they are centipedes but he always says "no mom, they aren't centipedes their caterpillars". This time he was actually right.


juliecache said...

does he mean millipedes? because centipedes WILL sting you (and eat your worms).

juliecache said...

what is up with your maploco traffic? that is nuts.