Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I felt much better today. Yesterday I was sick with a migraine so that pretty much made me worthless. I made up for it today. We were nonstop busy. After getting Jake and Tony off to school this morning the little boys and I started on some puzzles. That didn't seem like very much fun to them so we decided to go for a hike in the woods at the park next door. That was alot of fun but surprising chilly. We had a good time exploring and they had fun picking up sticks and walnuts! We had our snack and played on the playground a little and then headed home.

We made some cookie dough because tonight was family night and Tony thought that frosting cookies sounded fun. Who can argue with that? Brodie did most of the work while Drew just got into drawers. Imagine that. After putting the dough together I decided to be brave and take them both to the grocery store. I remember why I usually don't do that. They did ok until the very end which was a little crazy. I could feel people stare. That is never a good feeling!

Tonight we headed to the library, decorated cookies and then watched a not so good movie with the boys. It was a nice family night. Tomorrow is busy again with football, school open house and doctor apts.

Julia, I took this picture for you. I figured you would know what it is. I have never seen it before.


Grandma Anita said...

I don't know how you come up with all those fun activities and at no cost to speak of! The cookies are awesome. What a creative mommy you are. G. Anita

juliecache said...

uh, yeah, glad you read my blog. do not eat. go back in the spring and see the funny flower. and look for bloodroot. it's everywhere over there.

Sara P. said...

Sara -
You are such a good mom!!