Monday, September 1, 2008

We had a nice weekend. Friday night Will and Jake went to the Saydel football game. The 3 younger kids and I headed to the park for a nice quiet evening playing on the playground and enjoying popsicles!

Sunday we took in an I-Cubs game. We went with Will's parents and sister and also some friends of the family. After the game everyone came back to our house and we grilled hamburgers and enjoyed the rest of the evening on the deck chatting.

Monday we headed up to Mom and Joel's so that Will could help cut down some trees. Thankfully Roger stayed (family friend) and between all of them the job was successful and no one got hurt! Jake was an awesome help and even learned to split logs with an axe. Brodie and Drew were in awe with the whole experience and they did really well to just sit and watch. Brodie did help with his toy chainsaw for a little bit and when he wasn't "helping" he was holding it. That was pretty funny. And Tony did well too, in helping with the cleanup and helping Jenny pick apples off the apple tree. We of course waaaaay over ate and then had to end the evening with a game of cards before heading home. All the kids were in bed early tonight and I think I will join them. Tomorrow starts another busy week for us with Jake officially starting football. I will not be able to relax now until the season is over...

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