Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just when I thought Drew got over climbing out of his crib...this is what he did all afternoon. Every time I put him to bed he would climb out, open the door and just stand right inside his room holding all his favorite processions. His 2 blankies, his baby, and his sippy cup. He is so darn cute, you just can't get angry. He was in no way interested in taking a nap today.

I guess I forgot to update everyone on Drew's ENT apt on Friday. It was pointless. The doctor has no idea what could be wrong. He of course couldn't find anything and told me to just wait it out. Needless to say I was not extremely thrilled with his advise. Part of me understands, but part of me is still very frustrated.

Jake had his first football game this afternoon. It wasn't good. They got beat 62-0. I think that was the score. I stopped watching after awhile. Jake of course didn't play. So that made it even harder to watch.

The kids and I had lunch with Will today. It was really nice out and we went to Grays lake, ate and went for a walk. I was happy to find a leaf of a Ginkgo tree I have been looking for to complete Jakes leaf project for school.

Things are busy. Getting ready to have Brodies birthday this weekend. He is wanting a Buzz Lightyear cake or Buzz Lightmear according to him. I have been thinking alot about that, wondering if it is out of my league...


Jill said...

Drew is so cute and innocent, there is no way you can get mad at that face! And with his arms so full it's that much harder...

I get home on Sunday, but we need to make some plans. I'll email you when I'm home.

Jill said...

Oh, and I bet that Clayton's craft shop on University would have Buzz Lightyear cake pans. It seems like they have everything. If you decide to give it a try.

Sara P. said...

If anyone can make a Buzz Lightmear cake, you can! I found some sites for you:

We'll see you for Brodie's b-day party!!

The Prehms