Sunday, September 7, 2008

I had a highly productive weekend. I accomplished almost everything on my list. I didn't get my ads up on Craigslist but I did take pictures! I even got my basement semi-organized. To look at it you wouldn't think so but at least I know where things are now! I spent the majority of my day working down there.

Friday we had our friends Jason and Stefany over with their 2 week old baby. He is just adorable. I can't believe all my kids were that small once. Saturday was extremely productive for both Will and I. We hit Farmers Market, garage sales and did a little grocery and house repair shopping all before noon. Will replaced the garbage disposal, made pesto and made me a spreadsheet on the computer. He watched the boys so I could get the yard mowed, do some gardening, got my checkbook in order, cleaned out the freezers and got some cleaning done. That evening Jake had a friend over. Tony, Brodie, Will and I had a fire in the fire pit and roasted marshmallows. That was good times. I just love camp fires.

Today we had my neices 2 year birthday party. And like I said I spent most of the day in the basement organzing. I feel pretty good tonight. I love when we get things accomplished.

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