Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looks Like We've Got Ourselves a Biter

I know all kids go through a biting phase. But the last week or two the two little boys have really been on a biting frenzy. It is really starting to get on my nerves! I guess I better keep the boo boo bags cold.

Any suggestions on the issue?


Jill said...

Zach has been spending some time in the corner for that recently! One day I looked over because Bella was screaming and he was there, clamped onto her arm, biting so hard his head was shaking. He took a time out.

I remember seeing once at a daycare Christian went to that the staff would put them in time out and the kid had to bite a wooden spoon during the time out- like bite onto it and hold it in their mouth the duration of time out. I have no idea why or if it even worked.

Sara P. said...

Nate's bitten me a few times lately. I wonder if it's a thing with boys this age? No word from daycare and I know he's not really aggressive there at all, but his bites lately haven't even been out of anger, they've just happened. I just do the "No biting!" in a very stern voice and tell him that he hurt mommy. Then we redirect. That's not a solution for everyone, but it's just what I do. With your two little ones, though, I am sure there's a better solution. Do they respond to time outs? Getting certain toys taken away?

This site looked pretty informative:

One of my co-workers said she'd bite her kids if they bit a sibling to let them know what it feels like. I totally disagree with that idea for the same reason I am against spanking ... exhibiting the bad behavior (hitting/spanking, biting) is not a way to show that the bad behavior is wrong. But that's my opinion. :)

Good luck with this! As with everything, they say biting is a phase.

~Sara said...

Taking a time out is where it's at right now. Putting toys in time out is a good suggestion too.

I now it is just a phase. I just really don't like it!