Monday, March 9, 2009

Indoor Bowling

When it is cold outside and you are tired of being stuck in the house, why not break out a game of bowling? All you need is 2 liter bottles and a ball and let the fun begin!


Drew is healing nicely. Today the stitches started to bother him periodically. He really has done a great job not messing with them. He did touch them a few times today and told me to "get them off". It was hard telling him that I couldn't.


GP & GM Campbell said...

WOW what a simple game, doesn't cost much for one like that. Can see he is really enjoying it.
Will be nice for Drew to get them out.
Hopefully we will have some pictures of the Thunder Hawk Oil Platform being towed to sea. What a great thing to watch. Will have Gramps explain it when we get the pictures from the gal upstairs.
Will be home before Palm Sunday. Love to all of you,Grandma &

Sara P. said...

Ah ha! We will have to try this. A simple but fun idea. For now, Nate is enjoying indoor trike-riding in the basement as his fun winter activity. Grandpa Jim gave him that awesome Schwinn trike for his b-day. Good times.
Love ya!

Kaycee said...

Cute idea, my toddler would love this.