Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome Spring!

We have had beautiful weather the last couple days. We have spent every waking moment outside enjoying it! With the exception of staring the weekend out inside decorating cookies. We didn't have any St. Patrick's themed cookie cutters so we did a random assortment of Spring like ones. We had a very busy and productive Sunday. We came across some free mulch and decided to take advantage of it. Our friends came over with their pick up and we got 2 huge bed loads. I have been wanting to add mulch under the kids play area. I put mulch down 2 years ago and it has almost completely turned into compost. It was getting pretty muddy every time it rained. Now, it looks wonderful again! I have to thank Jake for making countless trips up the hill with the wheelbarrow to transport the mulch. We couldn't drive on the yard because it was too soggy so we had to do it all my wheelbarrow. Jake did it all himself. It was the hardest I think I have ever seen him work. It took him all afternoon and evening.We also raked, and raked, and raked. We raked so many leaves, branches, pine cones and needles, all of our hands and bodies are paying for it today. Even the kids did an awesome job loading their wheelbarrows and taking needles and leaves over to the fire. Who says child labor is a bad thing!We also burned the gigantic pile of wood and sticks that we have had building up the last year. Will decided to top it off with the Christmas tree. As fast as that tree went up...It was over. But as of tonight 36 hours later the large logs are still burning. Even after spraying it with water for a few minutes last night before we went to bed. Of course Tony has not been able to stay very far away from it. He is mesmerized by the flames. He constantly is poking at with his stick.I have been so grateful to get outside and get some yard work done. It feels so good to have the warm sun on our faces. It has been a very long Winter. I can't wait to get the garden going. I have already planned out what we are going to do but I will save that for a different post!
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Kaycee said...

That looks like fun to me. I love working out in the yard with the kids. We've been cooped up way too long, I'm hoping this weekend is nice.

Jennifer said...

You sure did get a lot done. I got started today on outdoor cleanup, but didn't get far. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and then get colder again. I think I missed my chance for awhile. Way to go on free mulch!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

It does feel so good to get outside after a long winter. Spring is teasing us in Kansas. Thanks for linking up!

Monica said...

You're inspiring me to get out in the yard and get some work done. I've enjoyed reading your blog. You are very creative with your boys- Love it!