Thursday, March 12, 2009

Matching Games

I have been working on a few projects for the little boys. I went to this site and printed off some matching games. I just printed them onto cardstock and then cut them out and glued them onto a file folder. These are really simple and the boys really enjoy them. I made one for them around Thanksgiving with turkeys and they loved it. You can go here to see the turkey one. I also finished a new tot book for Drew. I will post about that after I give it to him.

The older boys are on Spring Break now. I have all 4 kids home everyday. Thankfully the weather is going to warm up. I am hoping we can hit up some parks and maybe even the zoo next week. Spring Break always gives me a little taste of what it will be like in 2 months when the kids are done with school for the Summer and they are home with me for 3 months!

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Carly said...

These are really cute. Thanks for the info! I will have to print some off for my little one!