Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frugal Blog Post

As some of you are aware I also have a frugal blog called Learning the Frugal Life. I am excited to announce that I have written my first guest post about "Making the Switch to Cloth Napkins" for a pretty popular blog called "Cents"able Momma. Go here to check it out!


Sara P. said...

Great job!! Proud of you!

Did you happen to see this article today online?

Hope all is well with the gang!

Arin said...

wow-four boys..I have three girls. SO if you ever need any more estrogen jump on back to my blog anytime. We are so girly there-except this month-cuz it's march madness and the only time i follow any sports teams.

HeatherMama said...

I loved your post on Centsable Mom! Great idea, something so simple that I never even thought about. I'm now subscribed to your blog and followin ya too. (Oh and I'm also doing the UBP)