Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Today was a better day. I am sad to see my husband go back to work tomorrow. He has been amazing (thanks babe). My pain is a lot better although I am a little sore this evening. I might have overdone it a bit this afternoon. I finally got out of the house. Will took his girls to lunch (that sounds funny huh?) and then we rode with him to pick up Drew from pre-school.

This evening he and the boys played football and hide n seek in the backyard. I sat outside and watched. It was nice to just be out in the fresh air. I know, I know, I am whiny. It's only been 4 days. But I hate not being able to run and jump about like I want.

Emily and Drew are better today. Yesterday Will had to take them into the doctor after being up with Emily all night the night before. Poor thing. She was inconsolable. She has a terrible cold and ear infection. Drew has croup but seems to be less barky tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow and hoping everyone is feeling even better.

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