Monday, October 17, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Homecoming week was September 26-30th. We had quite a few events during the week. Thursday evening we went to the parade. Jake's football team was in the parade and threw out candy. You can't really see Jake in these pictures because he is on the opposite side. The parade wasn't very long but the kids got lots of candy. It helps having older brothers in school so everyone knows who you are.
I was impressed with Emily. She loved the parade and just sat and watched everyone go by. Even the loud sirens and horns didn't seem to bother her.
Friday was the Homecoming football game. The middle school band joined the High school marching band during halftime. Tony is the one in the middle with the snare drum. He does really well. The only problem is he is so small the drum is hard for him to carry.
He really looks forward to joining the marching band next year.
Saturday night was the Homecoming dance. Jake isn't currently dating anyone so he went with a friend. He met up with another couple and they all went out to dinner before the dance. Of course I didn't get much details but he said they all had a good time.

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