Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

As a way for me to organize my blog better I am going to title my blog posts "random thoughts" every time I feel like just writing something. Just thought I would explain that.

I am feeling extremely anxious this morning. It is gloomy, cold and a great day to stay inside and bake something. My foot is pretty sore this morning so I know I should just sit here and keep it up, but that really doesn't sound like fun.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my first post op apt. The Dr thought everything looked good. I was happy to have my dressing taken off, even it was for only 2 minutes. When the nurse pulled the dressing off she also pulled off my steri-strips on my big toe. As she ripped them off I could actually feel and see my incision opening back up. I couldn't believe she actually pulled them off. The doctor stood there and watched and said "well, we will put new strips back on there and we will see you in another week" so he was obviously ok with what she was doing.

I thought I would kick her in the face. It hurt so bad. I have no idea why she took them off. Sigh..anyway I was sore the rest of the night...and now this morning. I have a new dressing on that needs to stay on for another week. I also have to continue to wear my lovely boot for at least another week. I shouldn't be so whiny. I know it will be nice to have this done and actually be able to wear shoes and not have pain. I just hate the recovery part.

Jake has his last home football game tonight. I really want to go. I think I will try and make it to the first half. Then I can take all the kids home and Will can stay and watch the rest. But then there is the hole ride thing since I can't drive. Ugh guess I need to think about that. Ok, better get Brodie ready for school.

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