Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mulberry Picking

Over the summer we spent a few different afternoons out picking mulberries. As a kid I can remember always picking mulberries from the tree in Grandma Fleischackers back yard. That tree is still there and was the source for some of our pickings this year.

We spent one afternoon with my sister and her kids traveling around to some of her hot spots that she forages. All the kids helped pick and did a really good job. No one complained and I think the kids all had a really good time hanging out together.Drew helped pick too, but most, ok all of his berries were eaten before we got them home. We would frequently find him just sitting on the grass eating all the berries he had just put in his bucket.

We thought he looked a lot like the Joker.
Jake, Julie and Sara

With all the mulberries we picked this season I made 18 half pints of jelly. We were also able to freeze some to add into our smoothies.

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