Thursday, April 2, 2009

My boys are growing...

All my boys are growing. Each of them have hit milestones (at least according to me) in the last couple weeks.

Finally got his hair cut (looks so much nicer!), weighs over 100#, he is almost as tall as me, and he is only 13 and already needs to shave.

Has been sleeping alot better, eating alot better and has finally hit 70 pounds.

Can have a conversation like I would with an adult, can completely dress himself and has started to pee standing up.

Has officially won the title of the most orneriest of the 4 boys, has finally, at 2 1/2, started to use his fork and spoon when he eats and he can get his own socks and pants on.

When I read this to hubby he said to me, "what about me? I am one of your boys". So this is for you dear...

Has been quite productive these last couple weeks getting things marked off his to-do list, has been able to wake up for work on his own without me nudging him, and has finally built something that went according to plans and didn't fall apart (our rain barrels). Good job babe.

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autumn said...

I thought the same thing about my girls on Sunday when they all went to their classes without even hugging me goodbye!! I thought they'd never do that...where does the time go??

KCShipe said...

That is so funny that your husband wanted an accomplishment post for himself too :)