Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Night

We had a really good family night tonight. For those of you who don't know we have a Family Night every Wednesday night. Nothing can be planned on Wednesdays, this day is devoted to spending time together.

This afternoon was really nice out so Will got the compost bins put together. He did a really good job. I think they are going to work perfectly. Once we got them all staked in the ground we decided to move it. I guess I didn't think about the possible smell and animal attraction so we moved it away from the garden and over to the woods. So other than that small set back it went pretty smoothly!We had pancakes for dinner. I made them from scratch and they were really good. After dinner we headed out to the Carney Marsh for a walk. It was really cool and the boys had a great time. We feed the ducks and the swans. Apparently on the other side of the pond was a sign that read no feeding the wildlife. Oops. Now we know.We were surprised to find this egg just laying on the gravel next to the marsh.Here is Drew, as always, walking forwards but looking behind him. No wonder the kid runs into everything. I really thought he was going in the water tonight on multiple occasions but we made it out of there with just wet shoes.We ended the night with pumpkin bars for dessert. One of my favorites. It was nice to be out enjoying the evening. Will commented that we need to do this more often. Now that the weather is finally starting to get nicer, I think we will.


juliecache said...

this is where ella found her first geocache on her own.

GP & GM Campbell said...

What fun to have a special night like that. Also fun to go out like
you are doing as a family. We love the blogs so we know what you are doing in your world.
Love to all & Happy Easter!!!!