Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Update

We had a quiet weekend.  Well, at least I did.  I spent it in my recliner with my foot elevated and iced most of the time.  I am pretty sure I officially have a bed sore, or I guess a chair sore.  I am more than ready to get up and get busy.  I know, I know, stop lecturing already.

Starting tomorrow I can be "weight bearing as tolerated" according to my instructions.  That will be good.  I know I still need to periodically sit and ice.  I see my Doctor a week from today for my post op apt.  I am actually going to call this morning and see if I can move that apt up.  Another week with the bandage on and the constant itching may send me to the loony house.  I would much rather have pain than itching.

Last post I gave props to my awesome father-in-law who came and played my role for a few days last week.  He changed diapers, made lunches and was a constant entertainment for all the kids. This post I have to give a hat tip to my awesome husband.  He has been truly amazing.  He works all day and then comes home to make dinner, clean up kids, do bedtimes.  He is truly awesome.  This weekend he took the kids out for a few hours so that I could rest, he had everyone help clean the house (although I think he did most of it) he did all our laundry and got it put away.  He didn't have a whole lot of down time.  Now he has to start the week all over and it is going to be a terribly busy work week for him.  And what did he do before he left this morning??  He made my coffee and delivered it to me in my chair.  Man, I love that guy.

I am anticipating a quiet day.  The weather is crappy out...again.  Looks like it is going to be a rainy, hot week. Not good for me since I rely so much on sending the kids outside to play.  Guess I better get the board games ready.  Today is the only day this week we don't have something on the calender.  Guess I better enjoy it.

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