Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Over

It's done!  It's finally over.  I have spent the last 23 hours in the recliner with my foot up and, well, it sucks.  But my surgery is over and hopefully it was done correct this time and I will heal properly and in 6 weeks I will be good as new.  Let's all cross our fingers!!  No seriously, cross your fingers for me.

The surgery itself went smoothly.  They took me back to the OR room just before 8:30am.  I was talking to the nurses about the kids and the next thing I remember is waking up thinking what the heck?  I was a little confused till I felt the awful pain in my foot and that quickly brought me back to reality.  It took awhile to get my pain under control and my blood pressure was pretty high but eventually I got moved out to the larger recovery room and they brought my hubs to see me.

From what the Dr told Will all went well.  He was able to fix the joint behind my second toe and he also shortened the toe and put a screw in it.  Then on the outside he removed some scar tissue (from the previous surgery) some of the bone, and realigned the outer toe with a pin or screw or some sort of hardware.  I'll have to verify the specifics at my post op apt :)

I am in a pressure dressing right now and a walking boot.  I am not to take my bandage off at all till my apt with him on May 9.  Wow, that is a long time to keep it bandaged up.  I already went through a wicked itching spell this evening.  I hope that doesn't continue.

Since I am in the boot and it is on my right foot, I can't drive.  That will be the hardest part.  Hard to have a busy schedule like ours and not be able to drive whenever I want too.  Hopefully I heal alot quicker this time around and I can get out of the boot sooner than 6 weeks.

As for now my father-in-law is staying with us to help me out during the day with the kids.  It has been a tremendous help.  Although I sorta feel like a prisoner.  Everytime I get up I hear "where ya going?  whatcha doin?"  Don't tell him I said that though  :o)


Jennifer said...

He just wants what is best for you - so do what he says ok? Hope it heals quickly.

juliecache = Julia + geocaching said...

LOL yeah, not like he doesn't read your blog or anything.....