Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I was really relieved when I got a phone call on Friday from the liver specialist office. I was quite impressed that they were able to get Will in on Monday afternoon. Thank goodness because I had a whole notebook page full of questions for the doc. I have been so freaked out wondering what exactly is wrong with my husband.

Monday rolled around and I had arranged care for Emily and my father was going to pick up Drew from preschool. I met Will out in West Des Moines at the specialist office. I think we were both looking forward to the apt. When we got inside the front desk lady said "oh I tried to call you. Unfortunately they scheduled you with the wrong person so we will need to reschedule." I was furious. I was nice but I made it clear that I was not happy.

So here we wait. I have no idea when the apt will be. So completely frustrating.

In the meantime my Podiatrist office called today and scheduled my foot surgery 2 weeks from today. I am kind of up in the air with what to do. I really want to wait until we have all of Will's stuff figured out. If he ends up getting a liver biopsy I will need to care for him for at least 24 hours. That will be tough if I too have to stay off of my feet.

For now I am going to keep the surgery date. Hopefully we will get in and have all the testing we need done for William in the next couple weeks. Crossing fingers.

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You know we are here and willing to help in any way. G'ma A