Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Medical Drama

So we have had a run of bad luck with illness and just plain medical drama in our our house. January brought us a couple trips to the ER. Jake with his pill that got stuck in his throat requiring him to have a scope to check things out. Brodie had a severe ear infection.

The kids have all been plagued with allergy symptoms the last couple weeks. Yucky noses, cough, sore throats. Of course there is still all the drama with my unhealed foot which I am still waiting for a second surgery date on.

Through it all though my dear husband has been healthy. He is the one in the family with no medical drama. He has been silently dealing with some stomach issues. Mainly the problem was when he ate greasy food. It has progressed to include every time he ate he was getting sick. Even when I was making bland meals he was having issues.

I know that gluten intolerance is the big thing right now. Lots of people are going "glutn free" for many different reasons. It overall is a healthy diet. I started reserching the signs and symptoms of gluten allergies. My husband was fitting most of these symptoms. Finally having enough of feeling sick he requested that I make him an apt to be checked to see why all foods now were making him sick.

We went in to our family physician mainly wanting to be tested for Celiac disease. While we were there she decided to run some other lab tests. The Celiac labs all came back negative. That was good news. We still think he is gluten intolerant or sensitive. We have switched him to a gluten free diet and it has made a huge difference. We also think he may be lactose intolerant. After removing all milk products with the exception of hard cheese he is doing better.

While the Celiac labs came back good he had some other labs that were concerning. His liver enzymes were elevated as were his red blood cell counts. This lead us to an ultrasound of his liver and gallbladder. We had this done yesterday. It showed that he has a fatty liver. No lesions or cirrhosis yet so that is good. He also had some additional lab work done to try and pin point why his red blood cell count was high.

His one blood test came back very abnormal and now our next step is to see a liver specialists. We are waiting to see when that apt is.

It has been a whirlwind week for me. It's been difficult thinking that my husband could be sick since he has always been the healthy one in the family. He is my rock and I need to keep him healthy. For now we will stick with our gluten and lactose free diet for him. We will know what path we need to take once we meet with the liver doctor.

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