Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remember that cake I said I made for Will's cousins wedding shower? Here is a picture of it. I found the idea on Pinterst and tweaked it a bit. I think it turned out ok. Not very smooth which I wanted but not sure how to achieve that. The future bride and groom were happy so that is all that matters.

I have a little anxiety right now. This morning I had my pre-op physical. I am suppose to have foot surgery next week which I am really dreading. 6 weeks in a post op boot is just going to plain suck.

We see the liver specialists tomorrow for Will. I have a whole list of questions ready to ask. I will be glad once that apt is over and we hopefully have a path to follow.

The kids have been sick. Surprise. Drew has a sinus and ear infection. Emily's eyes are goopy and nasty and her nose is constantly draining. Jake is catching it now and has a really bad cough and sinus pressure, Brodie is complaining of a sore throat. Sigh...

On a happier note I got my peas in the garden last week. I planted regular pod peas and also some sugar snap peas. This weekend I am going to try and get my spinach, carrots and lettuce planted. Not sure how the garden will hold up while I am up with my foot. Guess we will just have to see how all that plays out.

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