Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. It was nice to have Will home for a couple of extra days. On Friday he went on a field trip with Tony's school. The band had a clinic up at Iowa State and then got to go to Perfect Games for lunch and play time. Will was a chaperone.

Saturday morning we colored our Easter eggs. We went through 3 dozen pretty quickly.Sunday morning the kids woke us up nice and early to tell us the Easter Bunny had placed eggs outside. Everyone quickly got their coats and shoes on to head out (well Jake had a hard time getting up and moving and Emily was completely confused on what was going on).

Once everyone was outside it was a mad dash to collect eggs and find their baskets. Once all the eggs were collected we went back inside and I made French toast and scrambled eggs while the kids went through all their goodies. Emily was ready to go back to bed after all the excitement and sugar wore off. She went down for a nap and Will and I went and did some work outside. Will got the garden all tilled up. Now I am ready to put a few things into the ground. It's good to have that little project marked off the list. Later that afternoon my in-laws came down and we all headed over to my mother's for a wonderful Easter dinner. Here was my contribution. Thanks Pinterest for the cute idea!

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