Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zoo and Mud

I took all the boys to the Zoo today. It was really hot but we all survived. I did take my camera but there wasn't much time for photo ops while chasing the little boys around! I did get some good ones of them feeding the fish! The only time they stood still for a few moments! This was our first trip to the Zoo with out the stroller. I think that maybe we have graduated. I forsee that going up on Craigslist here shortly. Too bad I didn't figure that out before our garage sale. Oh well.The highlight of the Zoo for Drew was watching the diver clean the fish tank. He sat there and watched and waved to the diver for a really long time. He thought that was really cool! He also really liked the giraffes. Brodie always enjoys the monkeys. Tony was happy because we got to watch a sea lion show.We ended up eating a picnic lunch there at the park and then headed home.

This afternoon the boys and Will had a squirt gun fight outside and then Will had to take a call (he is on call this week) the neighbor let the kids swim in her pool so the older boys went over there while the little boys continued to play here in the yard in their pool while I worked in the garden. They realized what happens when you mix water with dirt. Mud. And boy did they have fun with that mud. At first I was going to stop them and then I thought, nah, they are having way too much fun and they are getting along so well! I just hosed them off when they were done. Drew was in Heaven.


juliecache said...

we just brought up the zoo at dinner yesterday. I'm planning to take the kids to the birdman show and the lion talk once their all back from camp.

Sara P. said...

We went to the zoo yesterday (Wednesday)! Tha new baby red pandas are so cute. We took the wagon because Nate hated the stroller last time ... but he barely rode in the wagon, so it's all on foot next time and I'll just carry the Elmo backpack. :)

Sometime this summer we should take all the boys ... or would that be insane? Ha.