Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Tired...

and maybe a little bit crabby. At least my basement is actually looking like a garage sale now. I worked on it all weekend. I am having my sale this upcoming weekend so everyone pray for great weather because my sale depends on it. We have so much stuff!

I have lots of families participating. My garage is filled to the brim and I don't even have everything here yet! I am actually pretty excited to see how it turns out. We always have a good time at our sales. It is SO MUCH work, but fun too.

I also got some more weeding done in the garden. I swear as fast as I get them out more grows. We have gotten a lot of rain this weekend so everything, including the weeds are growing like crazy.

We had Wills parents and sister up Saturday night for dinner and cards. Tony was happy because he got to go home with them and spend the night. Sunday the little boys got to play in the pool for the brief period that the sun was out.I am exhasted so I am going to relax a bit. Have a great night and try and have a happy Monday.


Barb said...

Where did you get that slide?
I want to get one!! :) :)

~Sara said...

You know what? It was used to be my nephews. It is made by Little Tikes. I am not sure if they make that model anymore. I think they have changed them. I would just google "Little Tikes Slides". Hope that helps!