Sunday, June 7, 2009

You know your tired when...

you make your morning coffee the night before, the same routine you do every night before going to bed. Only this time you sit down with your jammies on to check your email before bed and what do you smell? Brewing coffee. Doh, I turned it on.


Katja mit Fabian und Florian said...

Hi from Germany,

I found your blog by chance.

Your blog ist very intersting!

My son, Fabian, age 10, is wheelchair bound since he fell from a tree two years ago.

It was a very hard time for all of us after Fabians accident. The moment when the doctor told us, that Fabian is paralyzed and the moment when we must told him that he never walk again, was so terrible. Especially terrible was the day, when Fabian got his first wheelchair. I still cry when I saw him sitting in his wheelchair at the first time.

But Fabian is so brave! I am so proud of him.

Since his accident Fabian visits a school for special needs kids. All other kids in his class are disabled, too. The most kids must use a wheelchair, tree kids can walk with a walker / quad canes.

Every Saturday Fabian visits a sport group for children in wheelchairs. Two hours they play together in their wheelchairs. It is so funny for the kids.

Two month ago he got a new “Spidermann”-wheelchair.

If you are interest I will send you some photos of him before his accident and now in his wheelchair.

I will be glad about a short answer mail.

Best wishes Katja

Schmoochiepoo said...

I do that all the time and I only have 1 boy. :)

Cute Blog!