Monday, June 1, 2009

Our First Camping Trip of the Year

Ok, well it has been like 3 years since we last camped. I think the last time we went camping I was pregnant with Brodie. This was Brodie and Drews first camping experience. All said it was lots of fun. Not that it wasn't stressful at times. The first night it rained and we forgot the tarp for the top of the tent so at 4:00am Saturday morning we were loading sleeping kids up in the van and trying to shove all our pillows, blankets and bags into the back so that they didn't get soaked. We ended up driving back home (45 min one way) to get the tarp and some extra towels. It was quite an adventure! But aside from being cold, tired, and wet the first night it was nothing but uphill from there!

There was lots of great memorable experiences. I have so many pictures that it was hard to pick just a couple, so I didn't! I have lots of them to share! Everyone likes pictures right? Here you go...

This was our view from the tent. We camped at Lake Aquabi in Indianola Iowa.
Of course the worms got all the attention. I have no idea what is worse for a worm, getting strung on a hook or getting man handled for hours on end by a 2 and 3 year old.Brodie pleading not to tear the worm in half. He loved the worms so much!Drew Bugs first fish!Tony spotted a turtle sunbathing on a dead tree.Ad usual Dad spent most of his time fixing up poles.Coffee from the campfire and homemade apple turnovers!The six of us went on a boat ride on Saturday.After our 4:30am wake up call I had some tired boys Saturday afternoon. Will went into the tent to put Drew to sleep. Will slept, Drew came out and hung out with me!Fun at the beach.The best times are around the campfire.We had a great time and the kids think we should go every weekend now! We definitely want to get in as much as we can this summer.


GP & GM Campbell said...

Super making memories we love it !!! Grandma & Gramps

Doris said...

You are the best parents, always doing something DAILY with your boys. Doris

Anonymous said...

So pleased you all have such fun as a family. I can't believe you got Drew to sleep at night. Did you? Hopefully everyone was so tired you all slept well Sat. night.
What fun you had! Love you all,
Grandma Anita and Grandpa Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sara. I have a new blog called "Picture Camping..." all about family tent camping and scrapbooking the photos of trips (at, if you'd like to check it out), and I'm sending my readers your way to read of your adventures! I am so impressed with y'all-- so many people would have given up that first night! You rock.

~Sara said...

Thanks Jean for the nice compliment! We really do love camping and we look forward to many more adventures this summer! I will be checking out your site for sure!