Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Day

I am living, breathing garage sale right now. I will be glad when Friday is here! I really, really hope the weather stays nice.

I had a super busy day. Here is the short and sweet recap.

This morning the younger 3 kids and I got some errands done. Cans to the redemption, stopped at Target and then spent some time playing outside. I started making some banana bread to sell at the garage sale this weekend.

We ate our lunch and got Jake and his friend up to school for weight lifting. I attempted to give the kids a nap then. Which finally did happen for both kids for a very short while. While they had quiet time I split my time between baking and working in the basement on sale stuff. I even read a few pages of a book! I am reading "Keep Chickens" by Barbara Kilarski courtesy of my sister. Yes, we are seriously considering getting some hens. And now that I know for sure that we can legally have them on our property I am pretty sure we will be getting some.

Anyway. After naps Will got home and he and Tony headed off to go fishing for a few hours. The kids and I decided to head out too and we went and walked around Shoppers which is a Farm and Country store. Then we headed to a park where the kids could burn off some energy.

When we returned home they played in the yard while I weeded the garden and picked some lettuce and even a few strawberries. I continued to bake...Once bedtime hit for the little boys I continued to split my time between the garage and the oven. All said and done (at 11:30 pm)the garage is looking pretty good and I have made 44 mini loaves of banana bread for the garage sale and 1 large loaf for breakfast in the morning. I know that some of the mini loaves will be eaten by us this weekend but hopefully I will have some buyers too! If not...I know it won't go to waste in this family!Now, I am going to go join my babies...


Anonymous said...

Where do you get the energy. A Mom truly is the engine ina household! I'm sure you'll have a great garage sale and the weather's going to be nice in the day time. Keep up the good work!
Grandma Anita

Sara P. said...

You are AMAZING! I don't have time for half of what you do and I have only one boy (and a husband). On another note, I think it's funny that, even when he's asleep, Will keeps his finger on the remote buttons. In case he want to change a channel in his dream or something? I hope your garage sale is a smashing success!

The Farmer Files said...

Good luck on your yard sale...just passing through from San Diego...googled mom boy blogs and found you. Blessings!

Sonshine said...

I hope that you have greater success with your garage sale than what I have had with mine! I haven't done one this year but last year was not very rewarding.

That banana bread looks delicious! :)

Just wanted to let you know that I have two blog awards waiting for you over at my blog! details here!