Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Day In Review

We had a busy day today. The kids played in the pool and gave the car a wash. This picture was actually of the little boys washing the car yesterday. Tony did a great job of washing the car today. He got all the spots the little boys missed yesterday! It has been so warm this week the kids have been in the pool non stop.We decorated cupcakes. I seem to have accumulated quite the collection of sprinkles and colored sugars and of course they all need to go on the the boys cakes!We actually spent some time at the table making a craft. All four boys sat down at once and didn't argue for like 10 minutes.We played with Playdough and painted with watercolors.We baked bread and within 10 minutes almost 1 loaf was completely gone.I actually got out with my husband, a friend of ours and my 2 oldest sons to see the new Transformers movie tonight. It was a nice little break after a long day.

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