Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a great holiday weekend and I was bummed for it to be over. I am just getting over yet another migraine tonight so I am going to make my post short and sweet and just include some pictures from the weekend. Unfortunately most of the time I didn't have my camera but I did get a few shots.

Friday we spent the evening at a graduation party for a co-worker of Wills son. The weather was perfect and the kids did great playing outside in her yard. They live in a beautiful area.

Saturday we had Will's cousins graduation party. They graciously asked me to make the cakes for her party. I have only done birthday cakes for the boys so I was a little nervous to make such a large cake for the graduation. I made 6 cakes and put them together 3 and 3. I think it turned out pretty good. Will's cousin only asked that it be hot pink and black!Sunday we spent the day at home and I got lots of yard work and burning done. Will and his friend Jason hauled 3 truck loads of dirt to our house. It took them all afternoon. The little boys spent ALL evening and afternoon playing in the new dirt. They were completely entertained and completely filthy. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Drew. We ended up grilling out and having dinner with our friends, made s'mores around the fire and then playing some cards.
Monday I had a headache :( It pretty much ruined my day. We did go to my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party in the afternoon. It was nice seeing everyone just wish I felt better.

Well there is the recap of our weekend. I guess it wasn't so short! Hope everyone enjoyed theirs and hoping for nicer weather tomorrow. At least my garden got a good soaking after today's rain.

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Selena said...

You did an amazing job on the cake! Thank you soo much! Love you!!