Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Furniture

Thankfully it is raining out tonight so that my garden and new apple tree can get a good soaking. It will also make it easier for pulling weeds later in the week!

Tony's game got cancelled due to the rain so we spent the evening at home. I had a bit of a headache so I laid down after running some errands this afternoon. Thankfully tonight it is better. Will and Tony worked on his marble project for school. I will get a picture up of him with it tomorrow. It will be on display at his school.

I have to share this picture with you. This is our new furniture. Well, new to us. Without going into too many details, we got this leather furniture for free. It was going to be tossed out because it was unwanted and extremely dirty. It was actually pretty much coated in mud when I received it. After spending the entire afternoon cleaning it yesterday this is how it turned out. It looks great! We have needed new furniture for a really long time but just didn't want to invest the money into it! Will has always wanted leather so this is perfect! And, you can't beat free!

Oh and see the painting hanging above the couch? That was my $5 garage sale purchase a couple weeks ago!


Jill said...

Sweet deal dude! Next time you come across muddy furniture- call me! LOL

HeatherMama said...

Looks great!

Sharon said...

Awesome!! FREE furniture! That scored BiG! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Stefany said...

Looks great. We'll have to come over and test it out!

GP & GM Campbell said...

What a deal it looks really good.
Everything matches & the picture is great.Love ya, Grandma

Kaycee said...

You scored on that furniture. Your living room is beautiful.