Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cast at Last

Jake went to see the Orthopedic doctor on Monday. He thought his break looked well aligned and it should heal fine. He has to wear his cast for about 4 weeks. He was pretty happy to have it on before school got out. The coolest thing is the signatures you know. I was happy that he doesn't have to have it on as long as we first thought.


Shasta said...

Glad he doesn't have to have it on too long & I remember how fun it was signing peoples casts in school, I'm sure he loves that!

~Maria said...

Saw him last night, that's crazy how they have his fingers bent in there! He seems so "teenagerish" with that voice and everything!

~Sara said...

He has turned into quite the young man. Crazy to see how big he is getting and how much he has changed in the last year!