Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today the little boys and I headed to one of our favorite places. The DMACC pond. They love to go there and ride their bikes. When I told the boys we were going there Drew went immediatly out to the van. I went with him and opened up the back end. I had to run back in the house to get the diaper bag and when I came back out this is what I saw. Drew had taken out the chairs in the back of the van and put his bike in all by himself! He was ready to go.

DMACC has a great sidewalk that goes all the way around the pond. Today was the first day that we went completely around the pond. I have done this before towing them behind me in the bike trailer. But today they actually walked (rode) the entire way on their own. Of course we had to take a few breaks here and there to rest! And have a snack.We sat and watched this momma duck and her 4 little ducklings. Which we decided must be Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, Puddle and Little Quack, except I kept telling Brodie there was only 4 so someone must be hiding. He agreed with me. This was really funny since one of his favorite books is Little Quack Hide and Seek.This was towards the end of our walk. Our last break before heading back to the van. Can you tell they are getting tired? Drew was happy to sit in the shade and said "this is nice and cool" which I agreed with but got a chuckle out of since it seemed funny for a 2 year old to say that.I figured they would be so exhasted they both would crash on the way home. But ohhh no. They were still going. And wouldn' t you know it, it ended up being a no nap day. I know they will sleep good tonight.


juliecache said...

it goes all the way around? is it a 5k?

~Sara said...

I am not sure exactly how far it is. There is a map at the beginning that tells you. I will have to look.